Emergency Training Systems, Inc. offers a wide range of courses in entry and physical rescue. Minimum course curriculums are set in accordance with nationally accepted practices. Each course is then fine-tuned to meet the needs of the individual student groups.  We prefer to have our staff perform a site visit at facilities requesting rescue training, prior to final course preparation. If one of our standard courses does not meet the specific needs of your company, we will be happy to custom design a course for you.


An 8-12 hour course designed to introduce personnel to dealing with confined space entry and rescues.  The course includes classroom sessions and demonstrations of techniques utilized to enter and/or extricate victims from confined areas such as tanks, vaults, storage bins, tunnels, process vessels, etc. Students will be presented information on what constitutes a confined space, the hazards that may be encountered and how to control them, rescue equipment and techniques, and a practical demonstration including a limited amount of “hands-on” exposure.


A 16-24 hour course recommended for individuals who may be called on to perform confined space rescue operations. This comprehensive course examines all aspects of conducting a safe and efficient operation.  The course includes all the information contained in the Introduction to Confined Space Rescue course; however, more time is allotted for direct student contact and practice.  Emphasis is placed on student involvement and safety. Each student will be given the opportunity to be directly involved in several simulated rescues from our  “Confined Space Simulator”, which is specifically designed to afford the students with the greatest exposure to a “real life” entry and extrication, but under safe and controlled conditions.

In addition, each student will receive a performance checklist, which verifies that he/she has completed each of the practical skills required to successfully conduct and/or manage a confined space entry or rescue operation.


This is a 24-hour course that deals with stretcher handling, patient packaging, ropes and knots, lowering systems and hauling systems.  It is designed for the company that works in elevated areas or on superstructures where an injured person could not be safely carried down.


For the company that has a need for greater proficiency in vertical rescue, we offer an advanced course.  This course is 24 hours long and is designed to expand on the material covered in Introduction to Vertical Rescue.  It covers team development, preplanning, managing the rescue mission, and includes numerous practical evaluations.  The latter allows the student to actually work simulated rescues under the supervision of our training staff.

For more information, please call Steve Wood at (804) 512-0911 or ETSInformation@aol.com