This 8-hour course may be used to introduce supervisors, coordinators or management personnel about what to expect during an emergency situation.  The course addresses the highlights of establishing a clear Incident Management System and its effect on the overall situation, what outside resources may be available and how to access them, and how to effectively size-up and assess an incident as well as developing a site safety plan.  The course format includes classroom lectures and group problem solving.


This 16-24 hours course utilizes the information contained in the “Introduction to Incident management” course during the first 8 hours.  We then expand the student’s knowledge and comfort level by exploring the roles and responsibilities of an Incident Commander and other staff functions.  Time is spent discussing what attributes make a good leader and incident manager.  The class emphasizes the need for conducting a good situation assessment, coordination of resources, developing realistic Action and Safety Plans and how to apply effective communications.  The remaining time is devoted to problem solving utilizing a group interaction format.  Students will be challenged to assess, coordinate and control a simulated emergency such as a fire, hazardous material spill or leak or rescue operation. The simulation will allow students to conduct problem solving in a controlled environment.  In order to make the simulation as real as possible, we try to take slides of the high-risk areas of the facility for which we are contracted.  Students successfully completing the course should understand the concepts necessary to coordinate activities during an emergency operation and, will meet all the requirements to take Federal Government – National Incident Management System (NIMS) introduction level exam.


This 16 to 24 hour class begins with a good review of the Basic Incident Management class information.  Students are then divided into teams and given scenarios that require interaction and problem solving.  This class builds on the information students obtained in the basic class and requires application of skills and knowledge.  During each tabletop exercise, facilitators will provide feedback and possible options so that the student’s can utilize learned skills with positive reinforcement.

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