This is a basic 8-hour course, which integrates CPR and airway management with five additional patient care skills. The Medic First Aid program is specifically designed for workers who may be first on the scene of a medical emergency. The program involves both classroom and practical experience and fulfills all the requirements to meet state and federal standards.  This course is recommended for all key personnel.


A 40-hour course that meets and exceeds the basic guidelines and standards established by the Department of Transportation, this class is recommended for employees who will be involved with in-house emergency response. The course curriculum includes a wide variety of topics relating to patient assessment, emergency medical care, CPR, and care for specific traumatic injuries. Students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate from Emergency Training Systems and be qualified to take a state test for certification.


The EMT course involves 120 hours of comprehensive training and is recommended as the minimum training for employees providing emergency medical care and transportation of patients to public health care facilities.  The course includes many hours of didactic and practical instruction in accordance with both D.O.T. and state standards.  After successfully completing the course, students will be given the opportunity to test for either state or national registry certification.


This class is designed to train emergency responders how to deal with situations and patients that have been exposed to a hazardous materials incident.  The course involves a combination of classroom and hands-on activities.  Emphasis is placed on personal safety, capabilities and limitations of the health care provider.  Specific topics discussed include: use of personal protective clothing, patient decon, patient treatment, triage, mass decontamination, response to and treatment of biological warfare agents, Standard Operating Procedures, resources, equipment availability and operational considerations.

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