Our Staffing Division provides staffing for agencies and full-time Emergency Response Teams.  We provide trained personnel to fill the staffing needs of organizations such as volunteer rescue squads and companies that want to have a full-time Emergency Response Team.

Staffing for municipal and volunteer organizations may be temporary or on-going.  Our pool of trained responders allows us the flexibility to meet the needs of our clients without the need to enter into long term contracts.  We currently have both types of contracts.  Henrico Volunteer Rescue Squad needed additional training and experience to its members in hopes of helping to increase the capabilities and confidence of the members of the organization.  ETS provided a very flexible short term contract to provide staffing to help train personnel and provide valuable experience riding with our experienced staff.  We also have an on-going contract with Charles City Fire and Rescue to provide an advanced life support crew to provide coverage 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ETS provides a full time staff of professional emergency responders at several Altria sites.  These highly trained teams are available to handle all types of incidents including medical emergencies, fires, hazardous material spills and special rescue situations involving confined spaces.  Our employees are trained to recognize, prevent and solve problems related to safety issues.  All our personnel are trained to conduct inspections of life safety and fire protection equipment; and, we have designed and implemented an automated computer program to capture all the inspection documentation. We are able to provide documents for verification of regulatory requirements and maintenance concerns.