Emergency Training systems, Inc. (ETS) was incorporated in 1986 to provide training to members of Industrial Emergency response Teams.  The company was doing work for Philip Morris, USA teaching emergency response procedures to their industrial fire brigades at several facilities.

The company (ETS) was operated as a part time business from 1986 until 2007.  Training classes were provided by a group of highly qualified cache of instructors with experience in emergency response to fire, medical, hazardous material and rescue incidents.  The company expanded in 1989 to provide classes to a variety of companies around Virginia and throughout the east coast. ETS specialized in training employees to deal with Confined Space Rescues and Hazardous Material incidents at industrial sites. We also started providing Incident Management planning, writing Incident Management plans, and provided consulting services to several industrial sites.

In 2007, ETS was given an opportunity to expand the company to include full time response teams at three Altria facilities.  ETS divided into two Divisions; a Division for Staffing and a Training Division.  We hired a full time Human Resource/Business Manager and 11 full time Emergency Response Team members.  The company founder, Steve Wood continued to provide oversight and management of the staff as a part time employee.

In 2009, the company expanded once again to include a new Division that supplies EMS equipment and staffing of Fire/EMS personnel at special events such as the State Fair of Virginia, driving schools at Richmond International Raceway and Motocross races at several venues located in Virginia.  Additional equipment was acquired, a warehouse was leased and part time employees were hired to staff the special events.  The same year, ETS started providing specialized response stand-by services at industrial sites during high-risk operations such as confined space entries.

Late in 2009, ETS started providing Fire/EMS staffing at Charles City Fire and EMS in Charles City Virginia.  Additional part time personnel were hired to provide enough staff to provide adequate coverage twelve hours a day, seven days a week.

We saw a need to adjust and expand the company management team and to have someone provide full time management of day-to-day operations and scheduling.  Judy Wood, previously working as the HR/Business Manager took over as the General Manger providing day-to-day supervision and management of all the Divisions. Our Financial Manager, Richard Johnson, was upgraded to a 40-hour a week employee.  Ed Dunnavant, who had been working part time as an instructor was upgraded to a Manager to oversee the Training Division. Steve’s position in the company changed to include sales, technical support and oversight of special projects.

Emergency Training Systems, Inc. is presently managed by Judy Wood who oversees four Divisions and an executive staff that includes three full time managers, a part time manager and a sales/technical advisor. ETS presently has thirteen full time employees and 86 part time employees.  We operate response teams at three locations.  We have a warehouse that houses our response equipment/supplies and we utilize three home based offices for the executive staff.